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Collaboration and participation

Set sail and tackle the digital storm that comes to the communities together . The urgently needed digitization, especially in the smaller and medium-sized municipalities, will only be successful if all – really all – pull together and are not guided by personal and political sensitivities. We do not have enough time for polarization!

Strengthening retail and trade

Stationary retailers and municipal service providers must finally shake off their fear and position themselves in joint online activities against the power of large marketplaces. There is enough market for everyone! Trade and services, especially in rural communities and cities, can survive only by providing holistic and innovative solutions to the local market and its consumers (citizens, visitors and refugees). The stores and town centers will revive as local commerce and commerce take the online as much as the offline business. There is no alternative!

Improvement of the community

Reforms, innovations and technological inventions can not be stopped. The internet is just that thing that can not be stopped. It has meanwhile caused our infrastructures – data lines, computers and servers – to be filled faster than perhaps we are right with clever business models, mostly well-financed foreign companies and resourceful entrepreneurs. A lot of Tradionelles has fallen by the wayside. This has led to some dissatisfaction among the population, especially in rural communities and cities. This pressure is now felt by the driving forces of politics, trade, associations and associations. Although it’s 5 past 12, there’s still plenty of time together and with a sure hand, the long-misunderstood Internet has become a valuable tool more successful,

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